by Maxel Toft

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released June 21, 2013

Mixed by Jacob Ross
Mastered by Jonathan Schenke

Janelle LAH vocals, Rhodes: Fifty Righteous, Greater Than, Longdistance

Maxel Toft everything else


all rights reserved



Maxel Toft Wisconsin

Welcome, friends.
Here are some pieces written and recorded at various times.
Thank you for having me over.
We should do it again sometime.

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Track Name: Fifty Righteous
What if there are fifty righteous, peradventure there be fifty?
"If I find fifty in that place, I will spare it for their sake"

What if fifty minus five, peradventure forty-five?
"If forty-five are in that place, I will spare it for their sake"

What if there are forty righteous, peradventure there be forty?
"If I find forty in that place, I will spare it for their sake"

What if there are thirty righteous, peradventure there be thirty?
"If I find thirty in that place, I will spare it for their sake"

What if there are twenty righteous, peradventure there be twenty?
"If I find twenty in that place, I will spare it for their sake"

Now that I have been so bold
Though I am not but dust and ashes
Let me ask just one last question
What if there are only ten?
"For the sake of only ten, I will not destroy it then"
Track Name: Greater Than
We're alone
But we are not alone
We are dust
But we are more than dust
We know
But we will never know
How we are loved
We are more than loved

So be it on the mountain top
So be it on the mountain side
So be it at the bottom if you're going or you're coming
So be it since our Savior died and survived
(So be it since our Savior lives)
Track Name: VIP
Untie the rope and shove
You are loved

Slide down the slope and kneel
You are healed

Unhook the lines and spill
You are filled

Look for the signs and see
You are freed

Turn from this stance and rest
You are blessed

Learn from this dance, be brave
You are saved
Track Name: Polite To Stare
Go ahead, stare at the baby
What next, stare at the baby
Be my guest, stare at the baby
Baby don't care if you stare

Shh, shh, now baby's sleeping
Never mind, baby's waking up
Hold on, what's this I'm seeing?
Baby's had enough

Waa, Waa, now baby's crying
Oh no, what'll mommy do?
Wait a minute, everybody's staring
Baby looks confused

Coo, Coo, squealing in falsetto
Oh boy, some lady with her keys
Please baby, baby blow a bubble
Burp or giggle please

Laugh or cry or smile or scream or grab a toe or fall asleep
Or suck on something cheerios while bouncing on a knee like a rodeo
Track Name: The Loop
Chicago asymmetric rail system
Takes you everywhere and you only pay one fare
Chi-town asymmetric rail system
Everything is level on that thing they call the elevated
Take me 'round the loop, I will meet you there

Chicago asymmetric rail system
Every fare is fair when you're riding anywhere
Chi-town asymmetric rail system
Capitalists and Socialists forced to make the most of it
Take me 'round the loop and I will meet you there

Chicago asymmetric rail system
First you pay your fare and then you're running down the stairs

Doors closing, all aboard
Use all available doors
There's another train directly behind me
Please stand clear of doors

You're on the
Chi-town asymmetric rail system
Homeless on a southbound train gets back on and rides again
Take me 'round the loop and I will meet you there

A buddy of mine said, Hey man, you heard about this other line where you pay based on how far you travel? They call it zones or something...
And I stopped him right there, I said I don't want to hear it, you know there's only one line for me and you know what it is . . .

The Chicago asymmetric rail system
This is Logan Square, this is a blue line train to O'Hare
Chi-town asymmetric rail system
Not including reduced and free but you know what I mean
Take me 'round the loop, I will meet you there
Take me 'round the loop and I will meet you there
Track Name: Dress/Longdistance
Take some advice from your dear old mother
Black, black, black is a woman's color
White is reserved for your wedding day
And red for the girl that has gone astray

I tried to call you last night on my tin can telephone
Maybe yours was busy off the hook or you weren't home
Cut off the lid poured out the beans and attached a string
Tried to get a dial tone, dial your number, make it ring
Yelled at it for hours, operator, operator!
Didn't get an answer so I decided I'd call later